LHF hosts various events throughout the years. Look back and find out what we have been up to since we started in 2004. Find out when the first summer camps was launched. Find out when the summer camps in your area started. Did you know that LHF named each of it’s gala and featured various Lao arts at each and every annual gala event? Learn more about what areas of Lao art were featured. We invite you to explore our past, connect with our present, and help us build the future of Lao arts in the next generation of Lao youths across America!!

Sponsors of the Attapu Project of 2024

LHF is excited to launch a Lao Art and Culture Program in Attapu, Laos in the summer of 2024. In order to do we, we are dedicated our annual gala to raise funds for the this project. We are in need of sponsors to sponsor the various instruments needed for the project as well as the teachers. The total cost of the project is $11,300. We are grateful to all of our sponsors. We will update all of the items needed and who have sponsor what areas below. Click on the link and be a sponsor today: https://forms.gle/3VpbCFR4uvA8B1Wm6

The Instrument Package [Choice of Sponsorship]

  1. Khaen ($150)-1 Sponsored by Sirianosac Thepsoumane, 2 Sponsored by Soumaly & Michael King, 2 Sponsored by Touk Sinantha, 1 Sponsored by Youykham Chanthavilay, 1 Sponsored by Mekong River Textiles, Susan McCauley, 1 Sponsored by Douang Thamvanthongkham, 1 Sponsored by Steve and Touti Arounsack, 1 Sponsored by Amily Sanavongsay, 1 Sponsored by Amily Sanavongsay
  2. Kim ($350 X1) 1 sponsored by Sirianosac Thepsoumane, 1 Sponsored by Nikki and Christopher Geyer
  3. Drums ($350 x 1) 1 Sponsored by Law Offices of Nantha & Associates
  4. Mallets (10) $200 Fully funded by Wanida and Tri Tchen
  5. Xing/Xap (6) $200– Fully funded by Legacies of War
  6. Flutes ($10X10) $200- Fully Sponsored by Touk Sinantha
  7. Saw ($100 X5)– 1 Sponsored by Sirianosac Thepsoumane, 2 Sponsored by Soumaly & Michael King, 1 Sponsored by Santisouk “Sandy” Chanthavilay, 1 Sponsored by AEG, 1 Sponsored by Steve and Touti Arounsack
  8. Lanad Ake ($450 X 2) $900
  9. Lanad Toom $400– Fully sponsored by Damdy Richards
  10. Kong Wong $900-Fully sponsored by Julia Brennan & Phil Kline

The Teachers Package [Choice of Sponsorship]

  1. Teachers Stipend ($300 x 3)– 1 Sponsored by Mary Louise Marino and John Chapin, 1-Sponsored by Fancy Sinantha
  2. Travel Cost ($150x 5)– 1 Sponsored by Fancy Sinantha
  3. Food $900
  4. Lodging ($300 x 2)- 1 Sponsored by Legacies of War

The Supplies Package [$500]– Fully Sponsored by Law Offices of Nantha & Associates

LHF’s 18th Annual Gala: Lao Food: Traditional Vs. Fusion (October 1, 2022 6PM-10AM)

Join us on October 1, 2022 for Lao Heritage Foundation’s 18th Annual Gala!

This year’s theme: Lao Food: Traditional Vs Fusion

Location: Durant Art Center, 1605 Cameron St., Alexandria, VA 22314

Time: 6PM-10PM

Celebrate with us for an evening of Lao cuisine, dance, and music performed by LHF youth. Our 18th Annual LHF Gala will feature a delicious assortment of traditional and fusion Lao cuisine. As we mark over 40 years since we immigrated to America, part of that experience includes how we have mixed the ingredients and dishes of multiple cultures and communities with the recipes we brought over from Laos. We invite you to come taste a variety of delicious dishes created and enjoyed by our friends and families throughout the years.

We are a 100% volunteer organization. All proceeds will support LHF’s new Lao Art and Culture summer camp in Attapu, Laos which will open in the summer of 2024. We are looking for sponsorships to purchase instruments which will be donated to the Children’s Cultural Center of Laos. Sponsorships for camp supplies as well as for the teacher’s travel, lodging, food, and stipend are also needed. Sponsor’s name/business will be tagged to the instruments donated as well as the books printed. All sponsors will be recognized at the event, on our social media, newsletter, and website. A complimentary ticket to the event will be provided to each area of sponsorship. Sponsorship opportunities start at $100. Help LHF build a program in Attapu today by being a sponsor: https://forms.gle/iWgrtA2FTRjLYRSS8

Tickets: Individual or whole tables

General Admission is $40

  • Kids under 12 are free. 

Tables of 10 are available for purchase 

  • Table of 10: $400 
  • Includes a complimentary bottle of wine at your table

Vendors: Early Bird $50 before September 16, After 9/16 -$75  

  • Chair and vendor table to display and sell your product or share your service
  • One attendee ticket
  • Mention in all social media and email gala communications leading up to the event
  • Shout-outs during the event to bring attention to your table

Donations for our Raffle : Please contact us directly to discuss adding your items to our raffle, for which you’ll receive a shout-out for your business and tax credit.  

If you are unable to attend, but would like to support, please do so here: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/laoheritageLHF

And please contact us at info@lhfus.org or via our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Laoheritagefoundation/ if you have any questions! 

Kob Jai and see you on October 1st! 

LHF Summer Camps 2022

LHF will resume in person summer camps in select locations. Please save the date. Registration information will be updated as they become available. Space is limited to the first 50 students in VA. Proof of vaccination is required.

July 16-22 Dallas, TX,

July 23-29 Philadelphia, PA

July 30-August 6 DMV (Virginia)- Registration for Virginia only: https://forms.gle/EdiyTf7vpLb1ooLz9

Rochester, NY Date TBD

Merced, CA Date TBD

LHF’s 2nd Annual Screening of Lao Short Films by LanXang Shorts (June 11, 2022)

The Lao Heritage Foundation (LHF) is thrilled to partner with LanXang Shorts, a new initiative founded by Lao filmmaker, Xaisongkham Induangchanthy. The 2nd annual short film festival is making its way to the US on Saturday, June 11th for a virtual screening with Lao Heritage Foundation! Screening will start at 8:30pm US EST / 5:30pm US PST / 7:30am LAOS (next day)The film screening will feature the works of seven aspiring Lao filmmakers from the competition and festival that premiered in Vientiane, Laos last December. All filmed are subtitled in English.

‘Behind the Scenes’ by Patsaya Ehkanha
‘A Friend’s Request’ by Wravong Phrachanh
‘Circle’ by Dolar Mongkhounkham
‘Only Happiness Can Say’ by Apple Sukan
‘Loser Boy’ by Thanva Kounlavong
‘Salang’ by Phisitxay Sengvongsack
‘In a Parallel World_Upgraded’ by Xaisongkham Induangchanthy

This event is free of charge. Donations are encouraged. All donations will support programs in Laos through LanXang Shorts. Please register for the free zoom link at: https://lanxang-shorts-film-screening.eventbrite.com

From Bombs to Bracelet…The Article22 Story (June 1, 2022) (Video)

On this year’s Lao children’s day LHF welcomed ARTCLE22 founder Elizabeth Suda for a discussion of how the company got started partnering with Lao artisans to create jewelry made from Secret War shrapnel and scrap. This event is about why collaboration matters in helping us envision and take action toward a better world. For ARTICLE22, that means partnering with Lao artisan experts to create beautiful and meaningful jewelry that start conversations around peacebuilding, reconciliation, and sustainability and how each piece sold contributes to the life saving work of non-profit partners Including Legacies of War and Mines Advisory Group.

The proceeds from this event is for LHF’s Lao Art and Culture Summer Camp in Attapu, Laos in the summer of 2024. You can purchase jewelry from https://article22.com with the code HERITAGE10 and get 10% off your purchases and LHF will receive 15%.