Events in 2013

LHF performing the Wai Koo Ceremony with Students (February 16, 2013)

One very important ceremony in Lao culture in the realm of the art is that of the Wai Koo or paying respect to the teachers of present and past. Often time his ceremony is performed prior to every performance to ask for blessing and every Thursday. Our music master Thongtun Souvannaphan and Lanad master lead us in performing the ceremony. The ceremony consist of burning incense, preparing flower and food offerings, and performing a song.

LHF Celebrates Lao New Year 2013

LHF celebrated Lao New Year as a way to fundraise for our annual summer camp. Performance featured LHF students as well as the Naramit Band. Thank you to all of our parents and volunteer for making this event such as success. We provided plenty of activities for the kids and parents to enjoy the evening. Overall, the kids had as much fun as the parents on the dance floor!!

LHF Students Perform at the Textile Museum (June 2, 2013)

LHF students were invited to perform at the Textile Museum in Washington, DC for the Celebration of Textile event. The students participated in the various activities at the museum before and after their performances.

Summer Camp, Alexandria, VA July 26- August 4, 2013

LHF’s 2nd annual summer camp in Virginia was exciting. We created camp shirts for all campers. We want to thank Koo Jimmy and Koo Nome for teaching dance for us this year. The students learned traditional Lao music, dancing, and culture with various activities. Thank you to all of the parents and community members who volunteer to cook, teach, and share your talents with the students. We appreciate each and everyone of you.

LHF 9th Annual Cultural Show: The Art of Song Writing (September 21, 2013)

This year’s show featured the Art of Song Writing, featuring Lao song writers. Our featured artist included Voradeth Dittavong, Khamla Nokeo, Mali Phonpadith, and Kayasith Soulisak. The writers represented the older and younger generation. The event featured the songs of the featured artists as well as performances from LHF students.