LHF Summer Camps

The Lao Heritage Foundation has a mission to preserve, promote and transmit Lao culture through the arts.  We do this by providing music and dance lessons year-round to students in the DMV free of charge.  We also host summer camps to teach many aspects of Lao culture, such as traditional Lao dance, language, food, sports, etiquette, history, arts and crafts, holidays and traditions across the United States.

Since the launch of our first summer camp in 2007 an estimated 1400 students have attended our summer camps in America and in Laos. The summer camps in the DMV started in 2012. An estimated 350 students have attended our local camps for the past seven years. The students of LHF participate and showcase music and dance throughout the DMV including venues such as the three local temples, Lao Embassy, the Mosaic International Showcase, and other local events from various agencies celebrating Asian American Heritage Month. 

Register for a Summer Camp

June 22July 3Luang Prabang, LaosMore InfoSupport
July 11July 18Midwest (Minneapolis, MN)RegisterPay
July 11July 18Fort Worth/Dallas, TXRegisterPay
July 18July 25Fresno, CARegisterPay
July 18July 25Washington, D.CRegisterPay
July 26August 2Providence, RIRegisterPay
July 26August 2Rochester, NYRegisterPay
August 1August 8San Diego, CARegisterPay

Camp Songs

Below are the links to all of the camp songs (music sheets), lyrics (English and Lao), and videos (music and/or dance) by camp year and location. Click the link by year and find your camp location.

Camp Resources

Camp resources contain all of the resources for camp. This includes all music notations notated by LHF in alphabetical order in grid form and some in staff notes, midi files, lyrics in Lao and English, plays written in Lao and English, as well as cultural materials. All materials are free and can be downloaded, used, or shared. Click on Camp Resources to access it.