Music Sheets in Grid Form

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Lao Houam Pao Version 2

Lao Houam Pao Bass Notes Version2

lao siang tian bass

paiy heua

Sang Arune Version 2

Music Sheets in Staff Notes

Midi Files


Champa_Muang Lao-English

Champa Meuang Lao – English1

Dawk Mai (English 1)

Kinnaly English

Kinnaly Lao

Kup Toom Ong Tong (English)

Lao Houam Pao – Lao

Lao Pan Noy English & Lao

Satika (Kmer)

Xerng Pai Huea-English


Stone Soup

The Little Lao Red Hen

The Lao-Henny-Penny with Lao Words

Cultural Content

Lao Etiquette

Tuning and Scales

Diagram of Instruments and Explanations