Events in 2007

Launch of Pacific Northwest Chapter (April 21, 2007)

LHF official launch the Pacific Northwest Chapter of LHF in Seattle, Washington this spring. The Chapter will be locally run and lead by Pom Khampradith. Kinnaly dance troupe will continue to lead the dancing activities for the Pacific Northwest Chapter and will formally be part of LHF. The event featured a fashion show, music and dance performances, as well as exhibition of Lao textile and artifacts.

Performances at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, National Mall, Washington, DC (July 4-8, 2007)

LHF performed at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, representing Laos.  Master ‘saw’ player Thongtanh Souvannapanh and his LHF troupe performed Lao traditional music in the “Roots of Virginia” cultural program.  Master kaen player Bounseung Synanonh and his troupe performed folk music (‘lum’) in the “Mekong River” program. Their performances  represent ed Southern Laos, including ‘lum siphandon’, ‘lum tung wai’, ‘lum sarawun’, ‘lum sohm’, ‘lum konsawun’, ‘lum putai’,and ‘lum ban sawk’.  

Highlights of the event included a fusion of Lao music with Cambodian music, as well as American Bluegrass. Master Bounseung Synanonh performed with legendary traditional Cambodian musician Kong Nay as well as with Bluegrass legend and National Heritage fellow Wayne Henderson, and Helen White.

LHF launched a pilot program in traditional music in Seattle, WA (August 11-19, 2007)

LHF launched its first ever pilot music program in Seattle, WA. The program taught two instruments, saw and khaen, along with Lao culture. The students and teacher learned a lot from the experience. The program culminated with a small show for the parents.

LHF Third Annual Cultural Show: Lum from North to South (September 15, 2007)

This year’s show featured 22 performers from five states.  We were honored to have our two beloved music masters, Bounseung Synanonh and Thongtanh Souvannapanh, who shared the stage for the first time.  They were joined by their students from theWashington, DC area and folk singers (‘maw lum’) from California and Arizona.  Ajarn Bounseung and the maw lum took us on a lum excursion from north to south of Laos. They were also joined by very talented classical dancers from Kinnaly of Seattle, WA and the Laotian Community Center (LCC) of Rhode Island.  The show was focused on traditional music and dance, as a way to raise awareness about LHF’s music and dance programs.  LCC representatives also made a presentation on their efforts to raise funds for a new cultural center in Rhode Island.