Events in 2012

Teach the Teachers Program (January to December 2012)

In order to provide more access to music instruction across the US, LHF launched a “Teach the Teacher’s Program.” The idea is to train adults from various community across the US about how to play traditional music and how to teach traditional music. The program included 5 adults from Rhode Island, California, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. With the Chase Grant, LHF was able to provide the transportation cost for these adults once a month for a year to fly to Virginia.

Summer Camp, Alexandria, VA (August 6-10, 2012)

LHF officially launched a summer camp program in the DMV.  As a follow up to the exchange program created in 2011, we raised funds to bring 6 dance and music masters from Laos to teach in the US for one month; this also coincided with our annual summer camps. The teachers taught at the camps in VA, WA, and RI.

LHF 8th Annual Cultural Show & Fundraiser: Lao Culture on Canvas (September 29, 2012)

LHF celebrated it’s 8th anniversary with a feature of Lao painters and illustrators. The painters and illustrators included Sompaseuth Chounlamany, Norasack Pathammavong, Vongduane Manivong, and Kingsavanh Pathammavong. The event featured a panel of Lao painters, performances by LHF students, a birthday suprise for one of LHF’s student, and lumwong to round off the evening.