Events in 2010

Second International Lao New Year Festival, San Francisco, CA (April 10, 2010)

LHF co-sponsored the event, featuring talented artists of Lao descent, as well as musicians and dancers from LHF’s ongoing programs.

Artistic Showcase of Lao and Latino Cultures (June 13, 2010)

LHF and Teatro de la Luna hosted the event to showcase Lao and Latino cultures. LHF students performed music and dance to showcase Lao culture while students from Teatro de la Luna showed off their dancing and acting skills to showcase Latino culture.

Summer Camp for Music, Dance, and Cultural Education, Seattle, WA (Aug 2-13, 2010)

For the past three years, LHF has run successful summer camps for children ages 5 to 14, focusing on lessons on Lao culture and traditions, as well as youth driven experiential activities.  Emphasis is put on teaching the youth about Lao heritage through the learning of important Lao customs, lessons on traditional music and dance, introduction to Buddhist teaching as it relates to Lao community life, Lao folktales, and games. To encourage youth to take on leadership roles in their daily life and to develop them into responsible and successful community members, LHF has also added a practical life skills component to the curriculum through various workshops, where they explore career options, learn about teamwork, effective communication, and conflict resolution, etc. Youth are put into multi-aged groups to foster growth and interaction with different ages, and to encourage “big sister/brother” relationship with younger members of the group (Age 5 to 8; Age 9 to 11; Age 12 to 14)

Lao Artist Festival, Elgin, IL (Aug 20-21, 2010)

The first Lao Artist Festival (LAF) took place in Elgin, IL.  Artists of Lao decent in a wide range of art forms were invited to participate.  The Kinnaly Dance Troupe represented LHF in the traditional dance genre.  Masters Bounseung Synanonh and Malavanh Douangphoumy represented the folk music genre.

LHF 6th Annual Cultural Show & Fundraiser: All About the Kids (Sept 18, 2010)

LHF hosted its 6th annual cultural show and fundraiser, “All About the Kids,” is fitting as LHF announces the official start of a music program in the D.C. area. This theme reminds us about the reason why LHF does what it does everyday. It’s all about the kids!!! The event featured Ketsana Vilaylack, who is now an official spokesperson for LHF.  She was joined by 10 musicians and dancers from our programs.  Together, they moved the audience in live performances of Champa Muang Lao and Sai Lom Yen.