Events in 2017

Pilot Program in Fresno, California (May 2017)

LHF, in collaboration with the Fresno Lao Cultural Class, launched a pilot program in Fresno, California. The local group already had an existing dancing group and some instruments, but lacked the music materials and instructores. They community was unsure about whether or not they wanted a music program. After the 3 day pilot program concluded, the local community voted to host a full week of summer camp in the summer of 2018.

Launch of LHF Summer Camp in Luang Prabang, Laos (June 22- July 6, 2020)

Following the cultural exchange program in 2016, LHF raised enough funds to launch a two week summer camp in Luang Prabang Laos. The camp is a collaboration between LHF, the Children Cultural Center, and Luang Prabang Orphanage School. The Children center provided the camp with a venue and staff support. LHF purchased a set of instruments and donated it to the Children Cultural Center and the Orphanage School. As part of the program LHF transported the students daily from the Orphanage School as well as provided them with lunch. The program was free and open to the public. Over 350 students enrolled in the program!!

Lao Art and Culture Summer Camp, Virginia (July 22-29, 2017)

Another exciting year at LHF summer camp. The students conquered Suriya, the dance and the music score. The students never cease to amaze me. We had an awesome group of parent volunteers who cooked and filled in wherever needed. We took our trip to D.C. and had a blast even with the rain!!

Lao Art and Culture Summer Camp, San Diego, CA (July 30- August 5, 2017)

LHF, in collaboration with SD Lao Heritage, officially launched a Lao Art and Culture Summer Camp in San Diego, California. LHF provided the camp with the music notes, laoned some instruments, and provided the camp with music teachers. The camp is run locally by SD Lao Heritage members and volunteers.

Annual Cultural Show: Luke Lao Lanh Lao (September 23, 2017)

Our theme this year is, “Luke Lao Lanh Lao: Preserving, Promoting, and Transmitting Lao Arts Around the World.  Each summer LHF hosts camps across the US and in Laos to teach young Lao and Lao-Americans about Lao culture through the arts. As of 2017 we currently have camps in the following locations: Midwest (WI, IL, MN), San Diego, California, Providence, RI, Alexandria, VA, and Luang Prabang, Laos. This year LHF launched a new program in San Diego, California, and Luang Prabang, Laos. We had a guest performer, Mr. Kenji Saycocie who showed us his awesome power.

LHF students Perform at Moving Mountains: Southeast Asian American Trailblazers Award Reception (October 13, 2017)

Moving Mountains: Southeast Asian American Trailblazers Award was a three day conference with a reception at the end of the conference. LHF was invited to perform as part of the event. We took our youngest students and they rocked the house.